Roman Catholics Teach Salvation By Good Works ? and their fellow Born Again Christians Disagree

Roman Catholics Teach Salvation By Good Works

Here is what a Born again Christian of Baptist Chruch argues against such notion
Roman Catholics claim to teach the bible and salvation by Christ and salvation by grace, but here is clear evidence of what they REALLY believe and tell you when you ask them point blank concerning salvation. They tell you “good works” are enough to get you into heaven, this is the same works righteousness gospel that the bible condemns, and the council of trent upheld. The council of trent stated anybody who claims salvation by grace through faith alone let them be anathema. The bottom line is the roman catholic priests and jesuits will tell you anything under the sun that sounds good, as long as you join their institution of idolatry. Truly born again Christians can see through this farce and imitation of satan. Good works never got anybody into heaven, not even mother teresa

Roman Catholics Reject Salvation By Christ Alone ?


A Born Again Christian gets so worked up, this is what he says about the above

This priest gives a good example of the slither…

This priest gives a good example of the slithering snake double talk of the serpent when he trys conning us on the Larry King show that salvation is in Christ alone and then praises up the muslims as great and wonderful at the same time. It is by this ecumenical whore spirit they decieve even the kings of the earth to draw them under the papal romish babylonian umbrella of salvation by “works alone”. These priests who exemplify depravity and heresy to the max know nothing of the heinousness of sin, if they did they wouldn’t talk the talk of the serpent like this priest does. They do NOT preach or teach repentance from DEAD religious works. They worship SATAN the god of the dead, NOT the living God. They ONLY do lipservice to Jesus, they don’t know Jesus Christ. Papists are the worst enemies of Jesus Christ because they claim to know him the best, and at the same time know know NOTHING about the gospel of Jesus Christ that is “salvation by grace alone” ADD NOTHING

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