Is Hinduism a religion or a Sex worshiping cult ?


Shiva Lingam and Youni

Lingam and Yoni in Sanskrit means the male and female sexual organs respectively. Hindus are allowed to worship anything – including sexual organs. It is not unknown for them to name their children as Shiva Lingam (God Shiva’s sexual organ) or Rama Lingam (God Rama’s sexual organ), (in some places in Karnataka, the gods demand both male and females to pray naked together).

Experts Taken From

“Oh! You Hindu Awake”by Dr. Kamal Chatterjee, M.A., PH.D (U.S.A)

It is high time for all Hindus to think are they following a religion of God or some kind of Sex worshiping cult of Satan which has been fused into their religion utterly corrupting it .

The choice is theirs to make !!!

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