Rama disfigured and mutilated many women by cutting off her noses, breasts, ears etc., and tortured them (Soorpanaki, Ayomuki).

Rama said, “Women should not be trusted” and that “Secrets should not be confided to the wife” (Ayodhya kandam, Chapter 100).

Sambuka was slain (by Rama) because he was making penance which was forbidden to hime by Vedas as he was a “Shudra”( Lower caste ) (Uttara kanadam, Chapter 76).

Looking at is hand Rama said the Sanskirt slogan “O right hand, you kill this Asche Shudra( lower caste Hindu ) unhesitatingly as killing this Shudra is the only way to get back the life of the deceased Brahmin boy.”

Are you not one of the limbs of Rama? (Valmiki Ramayana)

Note: This Rama, who mercilessly took away the

life of Sambuka for no other fault than that of

making penance, is held as the Avatar

(incarnation) of Vishnu (God)! If there were kings

like Rama alive now, alas! what would be the plight

of those who are called “Shudras ( lower caste

Hindus) ?”.

Above Experts Taken From

“Oh! You Hindu Awake”by Dr. Kamal Chatterjee, M.A., PH.D (U.S.A)

Today millions of Fanatic Hindus including the Lower caste Hindus want an RAM RAJ or RAM RULE to be established again in India !!!

These foolish Lower caste Hindus have not even the slightest Idea , that if the ways of their Lord Rama are established again they will be slaughtered and butcherd !!!

Leave alone the Lower caste Hindu getting any kind of rights or respect from their beloved Lord Rama and his fanatic Upper caste Brahmins followers !!!

It is only Islam that can salvage this situation at ease. The moment any individual, or a Dalit(Lower caste Hindu) enters into the fold of his or her Creator and Sustainer by reciting and confirming that: “There is no deity except Allah and Muhammad is His messenger [LA Ilaha Illallah Muhammadun Rasulullah], he or she demolishes the centuries old bondage of caste system and immediately comes at par with the highest place in the society. There is no caste system in Islam, All men and women are born equal.

In Islam, excellence depends on the attainment of piety or Allah-consciousness. There is no limit to it. The more a person can acquire it, the higher position he will get in the society. Respectability in Islam depends on Allah-Consciousness [Taqwah] and not on caste, race, wealth, power or position.

This is the only way to abolish the political and social hegemony of Brahmanism in India. This road is wide open. Dalits and its leadership should come forward and grab it to finish their state of ignominy and centuries old deprivation.

Now only Islam can elevate their status to the point of honor and dignity by granting them equal status at par with the highest placed in the society.

In fact, it is Allah who has given this guaranteed status to all who enter into His fold. No one can even think of taking it back or usurp in any from or shape even by the mightiest monarch, a Congress or a Parliament howsoever powerful it may be. The Qur’an ordains it and Allah’s Prophet confirms it categorically in his eloquent addresses.

“O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another. Verily, the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is one who is deeply conscious of Him [or the best in conduct] Behold, Allah is all-knowing and all-aware.” [ Holy Qur’an. 49: 13]

Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him – (S)] in his last sermon from the Mount of Arafat [Makkah] declared: “An Arab is no better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is no better than an Arab; A red raced man is no better than a black, except in piety. Mankind are Adam’s children and Adam was created from dust”

Islam prohibits all kinds of distinctions on account of race, color, birth or language. The society established by Prophet Muhammad (S) was unique in this respect. It had Salman from Persia [Iran], Bilal from Ethiopia, Suhaib from Rome, all living together with honor and respect. Prophet Muhammad (S) married his cousin, Zainab of the noblest tribe of Quraish to Zaid bin Harith who was purchased by his wife Khadija as slave.

Caliph Omar used to call Bilal who was originally a slave as Sayyedna Bilal [Bilal My Lord] and used to accommodate him to sit by his side whenever he visited him during his Caliphate.

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    Great site


  2. Idrees Ansari
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    All is not true in the above information. King Rama was a great man just as Muhammed sahab, both were sent by Allah for the same mission – the upliftment of Mankind. We should not waste time and spirituality in such foolish debates. Allah is great…

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  4. Rama-allah
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    the author is a foolish stupid person. he dont know the depth of hindu and muslim religion. the great god is only one, doesn’t metter what we call him, either rama or allah or jesus or any thing. the author should believe in the religion of huminity and all the religion gives the same message. this type of messages only convey the wrong message to the general human being. THINK AGAIN

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    There is nobody as loving as Jesus Christ, who died for us all. He went through terrible moments just so that you, could be accepted before God. Jesus endured this suffering because he loved you, as you are God’s child. If you ask Jesus into your heart, he will love and accept you into the kingdom of heaven; it doesn’t matter where you are or what you have done with your earthly life, everything will be forgiven and your heart will be washed clean… as Jesus she his pure blood to wipe away all your sins. Nobody is perfect, we will all make mistakes, but we should try to be the best we can be as we as Christian are representing Jesus. However, one can try to be perfect, but they never will be perfect as God is only perfect. Everyone else sins, whether they admit to it or not. Accept Jesus into your heart right now and you will begin a wonderful new life with the comfort of knowing you don’t have to be perfect to get into heaven. Ask Jesus into your heart; believe that Jesus, the son of God, died on the cross to wash away your sins; start reading the Bible, begin with the book of John in the New Testament; and find a church that moves your soul… If you do these four things your life will soon have meaning no matter who you are, whatever cast system you’re from or what ever is in your past. Jesus is love and he love you as you are his child, each and every one of you 🙂

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