Love & Sex In The Bible – History Channel

Love & Sex In The Bible – History Channel (Complete)

The Holy Bible and the passions of sexuality are usually thought of as distinctly separate expressions of the human experience, but in fact the Scriptures are brimming with tales of physical love and lust.

THE GOOD BOOK OF LOVE is a fascinating, feature-length investigation of sex in the Bible. Scholars of the Scriptures like Father Thomas Rausch at Loyola Marymount and Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles shed light on the dichotomy between the views of sexuality presented in the Old and New Testaments. The former is filled with ribald tales of matriarchs going to amazing extremes to get children, while in the latter celibacy and virginity are commended. But nowhere in the Bible is sex itself called sinful–this attitude developed over hundreds of years and was influenced by the misogynist opinions of celibate church fathers.

From unashamed erotic poetry to cautionary lessons on sinful sexual excess, join us (and noted sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer) for a riveting, and occasionally steamy, exploration of the uncensored Bible

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