Sweet candies for drunkards

One late night Bayazid (r) ( a Sufi Saint) was on his way home when he encountered a rowdy band of drunkards on the street. One of them had a guitar and was playing it in a sloppy, annoying way. Bayazid wanted to avoid them but they were harassing everyone who passed by. As Bayazid(r) walked by them, the leader of the bunch started insulting him in a very nasty way, calling him names and taunting him.

Bayazid(r) told the man to stop his foolish talk but this made the drunken man even more angry.

The drunkard picked up his guitar, lifted it high over his head and then brought it down, smashing it over Bayazid’s(r) head. The guitar shattered into a dozen pieces and blood streamed down Bayazid’s forehead. The rest of the drunkards paused for a minute and then started yelling and laughing again.

Bayazid(r) didn’t say a word and went home in silence, wiping the blood off his head with a handkerchief.

The next day, Bayazid gave a basket of candy and a few dollars to his servant and directed him to go to the leader of the drunkards and tell him the following words:

“Last night my head was responsible for breaking your guitar. Please buy a new one with this money. And also I found that your tongue was very sour last night. Please remove the sourness of your tongue by eating these sweet candies.”

When the drunkard leader received the gifts, he was so filled with shame and repentance that he brought his entire rowdy group to Bayazid(r) and begged for forgiveness. He gave up drinking and became a righteous Muslim from that moment onward.

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