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Answering Gospel Of John 1:1 – Part 2

SOURCE : http://answering-christianity.com/john1_1.htm John 1:1 Another verse quoted in defense of the “Trinity” is the verse of John 1:1 : “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” When I first learned of this verse it appeared to me that I had finally found my […]

Answering Gospel Of John 1:1 – Part 1

Does John 1:1 prove Trinity? SOURCE : http://answering-christianity.com/john1_1.htm Before we start, I’d like to bring to the reader’s attention this article: The “God” title in the Bible was given to others in the OT and NT. Answering Isaiah 9:6. The “El” (God) title that was given to Jesus in the Old Testament, and the “HOTHEOS” […]