The Muslim Jesus ?

Insight into Islam the Second largest Religion after Christianity and Presently the fastest Growing Religion in the West reveals surprising Facts about Muslims and their Deep Faith in Jesus Christ , not as a God but as an Great Prophet of God .

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  1. abhishek kumar
    Posted November 27, 2008 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    you are completely wrong in your openion.the hindus worship different forms of God because we have got freedom to perceive the almighty in whatever form we feel them to be.since no moron has seen God(though many has felt)its useless to assume the form of the God.but,still the form of the almighty exists in the hindu religion to make the descples concentrate on them and even the hindu God also wanted them selves to be felt n look like one among there followers.whomsoever has posted his/her views views here are either completly against the religion and wish to justify their own religion or have done a very shallow study of the religion.i’d like encourage that fellow to study more about the hindu religion…though personally am not a aggressive supporter of any religion because i believe that religion are just a way of life not and not the life itself.

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