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Islam The True Liberator of Women

Saturday, November 1, 1997 Former Baptist explains why she is now a Muslim By REBECCA SIMMONS Scripps Howard News Service She used to be a Southern Baptist, a radical feminist and a broadcast journalist. Now Aminah Assilmi is an ambassador of Islam. The director of the International Union of Muslim Women, Assilmi calls Fairfield, Ohio, […]

Audio The Life of the Last Prophet ( Prophet Muhammad ) (s) – by Yusuf Islam ( Cat Stevens )

Cat Stevens Biography Aliases: Stephen Demetre Georgiou, Yusuf Islam Born: July 21st, 1948 My father was a Greek Cypriot and my mother was Swedish, but for some reason they decided to send me to a Roman Catholic school. I suppose that was the first anomaly of my life. Born Steven Demetre Georgiou, I was brought […]