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Hindu Gods Whisperd The Vedas into Aryan ears Only? but Why not in the Ears of original Native Lower Caste Dravidians !!! ?

Whispering of Vedas into Aryan ears ? The Basic foundations of Hinduism are the Vedas. The Vedic culture was an integral part of the Indo- Aryans by the time they had arrived in India. We all know that the Indo Aryans came to India mainly from the Central Asia. So, is it right for us […]

Hinduism: Women Becoming An Endangered Species?

With half-a-million sex-selected abortions of female fetuses going in India per year, one is left to wonder whether women become an endangered species in India. Islam prohibits infanticide or killing of female infants. This is considered a serious crime of murder.Surah Al-Takvir Chapter 81, Verses 8 and 9 (81 : 8-9)“When the female (infant), buried […]