Paul, Christianity & Mithraism
The founder of Christianity taught less of what Jesus preached and more of what the Roman Mythologies preached

Jesus was a Roman creation of the Persian Mithra

This is a video showing that Jesus’s story was …

This is a video showing that Jesus’s story was a Replica of an older religion called Mithraism. Most ideas like “the virgin mother” and “baptism” were taken from this religion. You can research it for yourself, just google Mithraism. There are many Christian articles on this that try to disprove it, but, they are very weak arguments. To get you started you can go to this site……Why is the story of Jesus and Mithra exactly the same? (exsept one is in a cave, and one is in a manger)
Why are most ideas of Christianity and Mithraism the same?This video is not meant to “attack” Christianity, it is meant to attack ALL religions. Maybe I will make a video attacking Islam, but I dont want another worldwide riot.By the way, I dont even use any “fake” da vinci code arguments.Also, I am just giving the facts, you can decide for yourself if this religion is justified, even tho there is an older religion with the same ideas but from a diffrent land



Parallels Between Jesus and Horus – Egyptian Sun God

Best viewed in full screen mode….

Best viewed in full screen mode….Summary: In reality, Jesus was the Solar Deity of the Gnostic Christian sect, and like all other Pagan gods, he was simply a mythical figure, However it was the Roman political establishment that sought to historicize the Jesus figure for social control: The Roman emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicea ( 325 AD) at which the Christian Doctrines were established – and thus began a long history of Christian bloodshed and spiritual fraud. This video was inspired by a film entitled “Zeitgeist- The Movie” The text and pictures Are taken from the film with Great respect. This is a must see film if you Want the truth about religion, 9/11, and the Federal Reserve Bank. Available on the Internet at…




Myth of Religion; The Solar Messiahs God’s Sun Christ Horus

Christianity was born of the myths of sun worsh…Christianity was born of the myths of sun worship. Horus of Egypt born December 25th, performed miracles called the Lamb of light, performed miracles was resurrected in three days like many other avatars; Mithra, Krishna, Attis, Dionysus, king of kings, alpha omega crucified. All had 12 disciples and the sacred day of worship was sunday. Scientific explanations… The Solar Messiah. from


Christian Myth Jesus pagan solar deity god’s sun Zeitgeist

Egyptian Religions is 95% of the foundational b…Egyptian Religions is 95% of the foundational basis of the Judeo Christian religion; baptism, circumcision, afterlife, final judgment,virgin birth, ark of the covenant, easter, passover, holy communion, great flood, death and resurrection, crucifixion, great flood and easter. Justin Martyr spoke of Perseus pagan religions. Devils crafted and created his characteristics in the pagan world. wrong blasphemous and sinful to argue against the religious myth of jesus as god and not the representation of the solar deity the Sun of God as presented in the pagan religious beliefs that the Christian Religion has taken its beliefs from.


Jesus Christ a Religious Myth of God’s Sun Age Pisces

Christianity was born of the myths of sun worship. Horus of Egypt born December 25th, performed miracles called the Lamb of light, performed miracles was resurrected in three days like many other avatars; Mithra, Krishna, Attis, Dionysus, king of kings, alpha omega crucified. All had 12 disciples and the sacred day of worship was sunday. Scientific explanations… The Solar Messiah myth is represented with God’s sun who moves along through the 12 houses. From Pisces to Aquarius. The Apocalypse. End Times misinterpreted. 100 million Americans believe in the end of the world. Holy Ghost immaculate conception virgin birth all relate to sun worship. from

The Pagan Origins of the Jesus Story

Jesus, peace upon him, was indeed a wonderful s…

Jesus, peace upon him, was indeed a wonderful servant of God, who is spoken of very favorably by Most Gracious, in the Holy Quran.
However, God reveals in the Quran that they greatly changed the story of Jesus’ life and purpose.
Why would they do such an evil thing?
Because the evil ones were Sun worshipers. They changed the story of Jesus to fool people into worshiping the Sun. They changed the story to mirror the story of the Sun god, Horus.
God reveals in the Quran that they changed the story of Jesus, but He doesn’t tell us why. God says, in His Final Revelation, that He gave us a brain and He wants us to use it. He wants us to figure out for ourselves how Satan and the Evildoers have tricked us. He knows that that is what is best for us…to have to put effort into overcoming the lies that have been pulled over our eyes. His Wisdom is above ours.In their hearts, many truly sincere people have thought they were worshiping the True God correctly.
God knows that many have been truly mislead.
He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful…God says that over and over in the Quran.
Allah, the arabic word for God…the God of Abraham, speaks very highly of Christians. He says they are the most likely to believe the Truth.
Also, God tells us to read and believe in the Bible…minus the false parts about Jesus.
The truth about the origin of the Jesus story is shocking. God will help you to accept the Truth, if you truly want it.
Please know, I am not in the religion called Islam.
I am a Believer.
peace friends, Beccap.s.
if you youtube search: Sun Worship
you will find a few informative videos. please know though, some seem to think that Jesus never existed because his story mirrors other false sun god’s stories. what actually is true though, is Jesus was a true Prophet of God, and there is a True God. The Evildoers and Satan just grossly altered the story to trick you and me.
But God is revealing the Truth of the matter to us. ma~shallah…Wonders of God!


Catholics And Sun Worship

God speaks very favorably of Jesus in the Holy Quran. Jesus was indeed a much loved Prophet of God. However, God reveals in the Quran that they changed many things about the life and purpose of Jesus in the Bible…deliberately.
God makes it very clear that Jesus was not his Son and also, that Jesus is not our Savior…God is our Savior.
God ensured contradiction remained in the Bible so that you would know that lies were put in the Bible about Jesus.
please see: Isaiah 43:11
What were those lies? The evildoers adopted the teachings about the false god Horus, son of the Sun God, and applied them to Jesus…which is blasphemy.
Christianity, while starting out as pure worship was quickly adapted to become a revised Sun Worship religion not long after Jesus death….thus becoming Christendom, instead of True Christianity.
Most Christians are mislead due to no fault of their own as their Holy Book, the Bible, was altered to make them believe something was true, that was actually false…and evil.
Even though Evildoers did this, God still speaks highly of the Bible and Christians in the Quran. God says the Bible should still be used, as most of it is still true…and full of important prophesy.
However, much about Jesus…and a little about Ishmael was deliberately changed and false.
Please know, i am not in the religion called Islam.
i am a Believer.
i believe in the God of Abraham and both of God’s Holy Books, the Bible and Quran.
peace upon my Christian friends

Sun of God?

Thanks to Acharya S for the use of her material…

Thanks to Acharya S for the use of her material. Acharya S is a scholar classically educated in archaeology, history, mythology and languages. Acharya specializes in religion and mythology, critiquing and comparing them, and providing unique insights into their origins. Although born into a Christian (Congregationalist Protestant) family, Acharya does not subscribe to any particular religion, nor is she a hardcore “atheist.” Acharya is the author of the controversial books The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold and Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled. She is also the author of the number 1 ranked article on the net on the “”Origins of Christianity.” Among other less flattering things, Acharya S has been called “the ranking religious philosopher of our era” and “the voice of reason amidst global chaos.” Her web site contains a wealth of information about: religion spirituality mythology archaeology history… http://www.TruthBeKnown.comRecent 1 hour audio interview with Acharya S (Dec 6 2007)… – see Show 351 Part 3…


Horus/Jesus, a Comparison

Horus is an Egyptian god, from 3000 BCThis vide… 

Horus is an Egyptian god, from 3000 BCThis video makes it clear that the story of Jesus is a pure plagiarisation of the story of Horus. But don’t believe this video, look it up for yourself. Look at history books, search the web, and find the truth yourself.Don’t forget to watch Zeitgeist: the Movie. It points out many of the key things in this video, although this video doesn’t use the same sources.References: 1. Gerald Massey, “The Natural Genesis,” Black Classic Press, (Reissued 1998). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store.
2. Tom Harpur, “The Pagan Christ; Recovering the Lost Light,” Thomas Allen, (2004), Page 5. Read reviews or order this book.
3. “Egyptian god Horus, The Louvre, Paris,” at:
4. Information taken from essays linked to “Horus – Egyptian God,” at:
5. Op Cit., Tom Harpur, Page 69.
6. Ibid, Page 85.
7. Ibid, Page 89.
8. Ibid, Pages 128 to 136.
9. Ibid, Page 74. From the confession that humans made in the presence of Horus at the Hall of Maat — the place of judgment for all.
10. “The Ritual: The Egyptian Book of the Dead

jesUS versUS horUS

A comparison, of two of the more known SUNS of god


  1. tjc
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    is it possable that the sons of God who came and had sex with mans daughters planted these sun God stuff so that it would make evrything seem the same just to keep us from the truth. trinity emortal soal and forever tourcher in hell. The Aposity could of benn the pagens mixing with christanity and they didn’t see the trick? The words in the bible if read for what they are make sence , but the docteriense of christdom are like the sun Gods. I mean with out doctrine what I get out of the bible isn’t the samre story from any church

  2. Paul Overby
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    This webpage is rad!!! The videos are not only informative, but very entertaining and fascinating. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that most people will even allow their simple preconceptions about religion be challenged by looking into it further, following the evidence where it leads, even if its uncomfortable for their cognitive paradigm.

    For those who are interested, here’s some other links that delve even deeper into the parallels between Christianity and Pagan religions:

    “Companion to the Zeitgeist Movie”

    “Comparing Osiris, Horus and Jesus”

    “Jesus the CopyCat Saviour: A Multi-Essay Examination”

    “Jesus and Mithra Compared”

    “The Christ-Myth: Questioning the Reliability of the Secular References to Jesus”

    “Companion to Acharya S’s The Christ Conspiracy Explored”

    “Companion to the Zeitgeist Movie”

    “Jesus Christ a Pagan Myth”

    “The influence of Pagan Legends on New Testament Authors”

    “On the Invention of Jesus’ Miracles by the Disciples/Evangelists”

    “Paul, the anti-Jesus Inventor of Christianity”

    “Nazarenes and Ebionites: The original Christians Before Gentile Christianity”

    Hope this list helps!!!

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    Great blog ! May Allah bless you

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