Who was Newton’s God?

  Copyright © By Dr. Adel Elsaie, Book Title: “History of Truth, The Truth about God and Religions”     Who was Newton’s God? Source : http://www.usislam.org/god/newtongod.htm Translate this page Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) used the avenues of science and logic to achieve total conviction in God. Newton began with an attempt to explain the […]

Agnostic turn Christian Converts to Islam

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Why science students turn to islam ???

Why science students turn to islam ??? Create your own visitor map!

The human DNA being 99% the same, and the DNA of the pigs and monkeys being very close ours are directly supported in the Noble Quran.

SOURCE:http://www.answering-christianity.com/dna_of_humans_pigs_monkeys_is_similar.htm By Brother Abdullah The human DNA being 99% the same, and the DNA of the pigs and monkeys being very close ours are directly supported in the Noble Quran: The sections of this article are: 1- Allah Almighty’s Divine Statements in the Noble Quran. 2- The Scientific Discoveries of today clearly confirm the Noble […]

The Noble Quran on the Origin of the Universe

The following article was taken from http://www.islam-guide.com/ch1-1-c.htm, and is also from “A Brief Illustration Guide To Understanding Islam” book that I recently bought, http://www.islam-brief-guide.org, library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 97-67654, ISBN: 9960-34-011-2. The Noble Quran on the Origin of the Universe: The science of modern cosmology, observational and theoretical, clearly indicates that, at one […]

Non-Muslim Scientists embraced Islam after discovering the Miracles of the Noble Quran!

Scientists’ Comments On The Qur’an Extracts from the video This is the Truth by Sheikh Abdul-Majeed A. al-Zindani, Director, Project of Scientific Miracles in the Qur’an and Hadith, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Elias Karim © Islamic Awareness, All Rights Reserved. SOURCE:http://www.islamic-awareness.org/Quran/Science/scientists.html Keith L. Moore Professor Emeritus, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University […]

The Quran on Human Embryonic Development

The Quran on Human Embryonic Development: SOURCE :http://www.islam-guide.com/ch1-1-a.htm In the Holy Quran, God speaks about the stages of man’s embryonic development: SOURCE :http://www.islam-guide.com/ch1-1-a.htm We created man from an extract of clay. Then We made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. Then We made the drop into an alaqah (leech, suspended […]

THE AMAZING QURAN – By Dr Gary Miller ( Audio)

Gary Miller (Abdul-Ahad Omar) shows how we can establish true faith by setting standards of truth. He illustrates a simple but effective method of finding out the right direction in our search for truth.G.R. Miller is a mathematician and a theologian. He was active in Christian missionary work at a particular point of his life […]