Who Is a True Man ?

    True Man source :http://red-sulphur.org/Submitted by Riadi If you wish to draw near to God, you must seek God in the hearts of others. You should speak well of all, whether present or absent. If you seek to be a light to guide others, then, like the sun, you must show the same face […]

Sweet candies for drunkards

One late night Bayazid (r) ( a Sufi Saint) was on his way home when he encountered a rowdy band of drunkards on the street. One of them had a guitar and was playing it in a sloppy, annoying way. Bayazid wanted to avoid them but they were harassing everyone who passed by. As Bayazid(r) […]

Bags of Gold or Bags of Blood ?

Khalifa Aimustanjid Billah( King) once came to Hadrat Ghawth al A’zam Radi Allahu ta’ala anhu ( The great Sufi Saint) and presented him some bags of gold. He refused, the gift but when the Khalifa begged and pleaded for their acceptance the Hadrat took two bags and pressed them. Blood seemed to ooze out of […]