Video Melina Born Again American Christian How I became Muslim

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Prophet MUHAMMAD in Hindu Scriptures PROVED 100 % FOOL PROOF

Prophet MUHAMMAD (saw) is not only prophesied in Christian Scriptures, Jewish Scriptures, Buddhist Scriptures and Parsee Zoroastrian Scriptures and He is also prophesiedin great detail and more clearly in Hindu Scriptures… This is really a great time for our Hindu brothers to open their eyes wide and recognize the Truth.. more about “Prophet MUHAMMAD in […]

Why a American Teen Reverted to Islam ?

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Mediocrity in Christianity

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100% proof the Qur’an is The Word of God.

100% proof the Qur’an is The Word of God. This video proves beyond any doubt that the Holy Qur’an is God’s Divine Word. I focus on the scientific accuracy it contains, in particular it’s statements on Embryology. The Holy Qur’an is not a book of science but it is amazingly accurate when it makes scientific […]

The Muslim Jesus ?

Insight into Islam the Second largest Religion after Christianity and Presently the fastest Growing Religion in the West reveals surprising Facts about Muslims and their Deep Faith in Jesus Christ , not as a God but as an Great Prophet of God . Create your own visitor map!