William Devonshire said ON THE TOPIC A MUST READ -JESUS IS NOT GOD AND GOD IS NOT JESUS – PROVED 100% FOOL PROOF!!! – PART 5 I want to say that you are right to believe Jesus is not God, you are right to believe this, in essence He was a manifestation of God a […]

What a waste of Life

What a waste of Life You lived life like an Animal Though God created you a Human But you never showed that you where one Your Intellect was stuck and basic instincts You wasted Your time competing with others in vain desires Have you ever realized what you have become ? A man you where […]

A Drop of Love

A Drop of Love Come and witness the power of Love Drinking a Drop of Love you Dance Intoxicated Yet You know not what Sate you will reach When You drink from the Ocean Like Ocean is the love of Allah Yet with a drop you make yourself satisfied? What a Choice you have made […]