Prophet MUHAMMAD in Hindu Scriptures PROVED 100 % FOOL PROOF

Prophet MUHAMMAD (saw) is not only prophesied in Christian Scriptures, Jewish Scriptures, Buddhist Scriptures and Parsee Zoroastrian Scriptures and He is also prophesiedin great detail and more clearly in Hindu Scriptures… This is really a great time for our Hindu brothers to open their eyes wide and recognize the Truth.. more about “Prophet MUHAMMAD in […]

Atrocities in Dalits’ ( a so called Lower Caste Hindu )daily life

Above Painting of a So Called Upper Caste Brahmin Hindu Condeming a So Called Lower Caste Shudra or Dalit Hindu Atrocities in Dalits’ daily life The oppression of Dalits has been going on for over 3000 years. They are segregated in all spheres of social life: places of worship, education, housing, land ownership, use of […]

Hindu Gods Whisperd The Vedas into Aryan ears Only? but Why not in the Ears of original Native Lower Caste Dravidians !!! ?

Whispering of Vedas into Aryan ears ? The Basic foundations of Hinduism are the Vedas. The Vedic culture was an integral part of the Indo- Aryans by the time they had arrived in India. We all know that the Indo Aryans came to India mainly from the Central Asia. So, is it right for us […]